Rosacea Cause and Cure

Rosacea is defined in new research as a condition resulting from a compromised skin surface barrier function due in part to dry skin. When the skin is dry, small fissures or cracks can appear on the surface of the skin which allows germs and bacteria to enter the body. Our immune system is designed in such a way to protect the internal organs by rushing anti-bodies through the blood stream to the area of the skin which is compromised. This is seen in your mirror as skin redness and inflammation. This is a natural process of the body to protect itself.

The more things we apply to the skin, with all their many ingredients, the more the skin reacts as the body fights this internal battle a the skin's surface to protect itself from the possibility of these chemicals in the medications from entering the body. a.

The answer then is to find a way to rebuild and replenish the protective barrier of the skin's surface and thus allow the skin to heal itself. This can be accomplished by increasing the moisture levels in the body through adequate and proper hydration. And helping to soothe any cracks or fissures on the surface of the skin by applying a pure gentle oil such as jojoba oil which has properties very similar to the oil produced by the skin and thus is favorably accepted by the body and not viewed as a chemical attack on the skin.

We truly are what we eat and more importantly, our skin reacts to what we eat. The more balanced our dietary intake, the more balanced and less irritated our skin will be. But this is still only a part of the complete rosacea treatment picture. Our skin's appearance is also a by-product of what we apply to it. When trying to treat the symptoms of rosacea, we have to consider every aspect of life and the interaction of these aspects and how they affect our skin. This is why one person can eat a food and their skin never reacts or gets red and someone else can just taste that food and have a severe reaction. Through diet we can address many of the internal aspects of a holistic rosacea treatment.

There are many aspects and nuances to the treatment of rosacea. Rosacea is a condition that is unique to each person who has it. The treatments you are currently using, what you have used in the recent past, all the way down to the soap you cleanse your skin with can impact your symptoms of rosacea as well as how your skin responds to any given rosacea treatment. Your hormones, your immune system, how you handle stress, the pH acidity levels in your body will all influence how your skin reacts to a rosacea treatment. Treating rosacea is very much a case of treating the whole body not just the redness on your face. When you understand this interaction between the facial skin and the entire body, you can successfully manage and control the symptoms of rosacea

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