Ocular Rosacea Treatment

The best treatment for ocular rosacea is the use of Rosacea-Ltd IV which is the most effective process for solving ocular rosacea. Ocular rosacea patients are very impressed with the improvements to the eye with the use of Rosacea-Ltd IV as facial rosacea patents are happy with the improvement to their skin. Rosacea-Ltd IV is the 4th generation since the world wide distribution began in 1997.

Ocular rosacea has symptoms of dryness, redness and inflamed eyes. Ocular rosacea can occur in isolation or as part of generalized rosacea. Avoid treating ocular rosacea with steroids because of the 'rebound phenomenon' or steroid addiction'.

Antibiotics have long been used for the inflammation of the eyes due to ocular rosacea. However, some are now realizing that the eyes do not have a bacterial infection after years of various antibiotics prescribed for patients. There were most faithful hopes of Doxycycline providing improvement for the ocular symptoms of blurred vision, and the red oculuar rosacea with light sensitivity.

Treatment of ocular rosacea takes a different change in lifestyles ranging from better cleaning of eye make-up such as mascara, to increasing water consumptions and a reduction of less soft drinks, wines, teas, etc. that dehydrate the body and the eyes. Cleaning the eye lids with Q-tips or any sterile cotton swab can be most helpful. A gentle delicate soap can be used or any Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo can be used for cleaning. Try to limit the use of antibiotics for bacterial infections and certainly limit the use of steroids for the most extreme cases for a limited amount of time such as 10 days to a month as the extreme limit.

Ocular rosacea is uncomfortable and not pleasant for the patient as viewed by others. However, ocular rosacea is not a serious medical condition unless an eye infection occurs which you should get on antibiotics immediately.

Eye drops such as Celluvisc can be commonly located and purchased at many grocery stores and pharmacies in the United States and other countries. The drops are very helpful especially for those with contact lens as the drops can be used while the lens are intact for use.

Sources of Omega-3 can be most helpful as seen in this link: Omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 is helpful for our brain, our overall health and with ocular rosacea.

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