Sobye Massage

Rosacea reduction and 'non surgical face lift'

Facial Muscle Exercises For Rosacea Reduction! The Sobye's Massage or 'non surgical face lift' as a rosacea treatment relaxes the muscles giving the skin of the red rosacea facial area a chance to smooth out and allows the restricted blood to flow resulting in improvement for the rosacea sufferer. The past has been problematic for the rosacea sufferer as the facial artery system supplies blood through a network of curves and angles around the mouth, lips, tongue, around the eyes, across the cheeks, along the nose, and across the forehead with these latter three being the prominent areas for rosacea sufferers seeking treatment. The average adult human has a minimum of 70,000 miles of blood vessels within the body and larger people have even more. So not only facial exercise but stretching the body and doing any type of movements of various muscles groups will help immensely as is convenient and available with the work or environment that you are in. Most rosacea patients become so focused that they appear as a mime artist or frozen posture and breathing become quiet and shallow. So while stretching or moving facial muscles as much as possible try to take in and exhale five or more big breaths of air occasionally as the situation allows. The medical mechanism of action as a rosacea treatment is the accelerated lymphatic drainage with reduction of redness shortly after the massage and in the future if the rosacea treatment massages continue. The Sobye massage is accomplished in three different ways as a rosacea treatment that we'll discuss on the natural rosacea treatments page.